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Phelps Playschool

Phelps Playschool Monthly Newsletter

Our Latest Blog Entry

MARCH 2023

Summer and Fall Enrollment

We have not finalized our summer schedule yet. If your child is leaving for big kid school and you have not told us, please let me know so we can inform incoming families of openings. This greatly helps us with the transitions!


3/10 PJ day

3/17 St Patrick’s Day Party

3/24 Closed

3/27 Scholastic is due online classroom code is R3ZNX

3/31 Bella is 3!


THANK YOU to the families that have kept their sick children home. We have been hit especially hard with illness recently, but it greatly reduces the spread when kids are kept home until 100% better.

Spring clothing- please dress for coldest forecasted temp of the day- not the high. We are outside in the early mornings. It’s easier to remove layers than add.

*please initial or label your child’s clothing*


February was filled with Valentine’s books, circle time games, crafts and of course, our party!

We celebrated President’s Day with an election, Dogs won against Cats 7-4!

We are also celebrating Chinese New Year!

March will bring us wishing for spring and introducing the water cycle. We have a bunch of cute games, stories, and crafts planned.