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Phelps Playschool

Phelps Playschool Monthly Newsletter

Our Latest Blog Entry

June 2022


Summer clothes

Shoes that can get wet, no flip flops

Bathing suit

Optional-hat/sunglasses/SPF shirts

We provide sunscreen, towels, bug spray, and fun

Events & Reminders

6/3 12pm closing

6/5 Vito is 3!

6/16 Last scholastic order of the school year. Online order code is R3ZNX

6/26 Nora is 3!

6/27 First day of summer party!

Health Reminders

*effective immediately* 

8:00 am breakfast

9:00 am recess

12:00 lunch

1:00 story time 

1:30-3:00 rest time/KRP

4:00 snack 

4:30-5:00 tabletop centers/recess 

*activites will be limited & fit in around summer play* 

Curriculum Focus

They had a great month of spring centered curriculum! We have been reading books about various insects, worms, birds, seasons and even the water cycle. They absolutely loved watching our caterpillars grow and metamorphose. It was also finally warm enough to dump the worm filled sensory table outside. (Yay, no more feeding worms!) We replaced it with a much cleaner Lego solution for the time being. 

June will be water themed, sink or float, water life cycle, and we have put out ocean and fish prompts that may inspire interest in larger bodies of water and their ecosystems.