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Phelps Playschool

Phelps Playschool Monthly Newsletter

Our Latest Blog Entry

August 2022


-Asking for a bunch of help this month with recommendations! Sorry not sorry, you’re all the best. Thank you for being so awesome!

-I also CANNOT BELIEVE we are ALREADY planning an

END OF SUMMER PARTY! Time flies when you’re having fun

Events & Info

8/15 Closed/paid

9/5 Closed/Paid

9/2 end of summer party

*9/7 tentative delayed opening, 10am*

-Please bring shoes that can get wet daily, as well as swim suits.

Looking for photographer recommendations for 2022-2023 pictures. Our photographer moved! a new/small business. THANK YOUHoping to stay in the $150-200 range and hoping to stay local/support 


9/2 we are planning our end of summer bash. I will be posting a sign up sheet for items to donate, if you chose.

Does anyone have contact info for a performer or activity to come into the program? Clown, Magicician, balloon animals, etc? Going for a circus theme. We have face paint and circus games planned. :)


-As a reminder, Playschool operates under contracted hours. If you are not utilizing the hours listed on your contract (eg. 7-5, but regularly attend 8-5), we will assume those are the hours needed. As a small business, this helps us with staffing and ratios, without the necessity of being available/paying payroll, without children in care. This helps us keep tuition down. For early drop offs, we ask that you please arrange them in advance. Thank you for your consideration of our time, as moms who work 50 hour/week MINIMUMS, every minute counts! :)

-If your child needs medication to attend playschool/mask symptoms, they are too ill to attend care and should remain home.

-If your child is not typically here for a meal (breakfast or snack) and will be in attendance, please let me know in advance so that I have additional food prepared as we prep mostly in advance.